Has Bermuda Triangle Mystery been Solved?


 Has Bermuda Triangle Mystery been Solved?

Has Bermuda Triangle Mystery been Solved?


 Many people have heard of the Bermuda Triangle,but what many others might not realize is that this just one of many such predatory places that inhabit various areas around the world. One such place can be found in China, where there is a “doomed” spot where countless mysterious disappearances have occurred.

History of Bermuda Triangle

 From the early 1960s to 1980s nearly 200 boats sunk, 1,600 people declared missing and about 30 survivors suffered mental illness.

This is the mystery of Poyang Lake Poyang Lake is located at Duchang County of Jiangxi Province and is one of the seven national nature reserves. At an average size of around 3,500 square kilometers (1,400 sq. mi), it is China’s largest freshwater lake, and is an essentials stop off point for millions of migrating birds every year, as well as the habitat for the very rare freshwater finless porpoise.

 In addition to this rich biodiversity, the lake also has a rich history spanning centuries. On the lake’s northern shore is a Temple called Laoye Temple. Hence the locals call the waters near the Temple the Laoye Temple waters.

Place Of death

 The water area surrounding the Laoye Temple is also known as the “place of death,” “devil horns,” and the “East Bermuda Triangle,”. The water here has always been a mystery,and many people believe that a supernatural mysterious force that violates the laws of physics must exist here. but what deepens this mystery is an incredible fact.

 Both of these mysterious places are almost at the same latitude, between 28°22′- 29°45′ N latitude. Accidents And Incidents happened once of the strangest such disappearances occurred during World War II, when the Japanese invasion and occupation of China was in full swing. On April 16, 1945, a Japanese boat sank inthe Laoye Temple waters under totally clear conditions.

Has Bermuda Triangle Mystery been Solved?

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Japan Boats

 The Japanese boat ‘KOBE MARU’ was a 2,000 tonJapanese cargo vessel, carrying 200 crews and all the predatory antique, calligraphy,painting, gold and silver jewelry on its way home from China to Japan. 

Suddenly the weather turned foul, and a huge tide rose up, breaking the ship into pieces and sucking it down into the depths of the lake.

Sadly, none of the 200 crews on board survived afterward, the Japanese Navy allegedly senta salvage team of seven divers to go recover the ship’s valuable cargo, yet only one of the divers survived.

 The survivor was terrified after he took off his diving suit, he was allegedly speechless and overcome with terror by something he had seen down in the depths

The diver is said to have never divulged what had happened, and indeed is reported as having been rendered morose, unresponsive, and drive insane by the mysterious ordeal. None of the other divers or indeed any of the crew or even a scrap of the Kobe Maru were ever seen again.

Sad Story of Bermuda Triangle

 In the summer of 1946, after the Japanese had been expelled from China and the war was over, the Nationalist government of China invited the accomplished American diver and salvage expert, Edward Boer (or Bolton, depending on the source), out to Poyang to find the remains of the Kobe Maru. 

Treasure Ships

Treasure ships may be lost but they are rarely forgotten. The spoils were sitting just 30 meters below the lake’s surface, and by all accounts should have been easy picking. 

But after months of diving and the loss oftwo divers the search revealed nothing. Boer (Bolton) himself declined to speak aboutwhat had transpired until he published the account in the United Nation Environment News 40 years later.

 He said that during a dive his team was assailed by a dazzling bright light and a high-pitched screeching sound coming from the water’sdepths. The lake, he claimed, felt as though it was shaking, and he was pulled into a vortex.

 He hung on helplessly and watched as a gyrating right light on the lake bottom sucked in the other divers. They were never seen again. In the late 1970s, the people of this region built three dams in Poyang Lake.  It disappeared one night without a sound or trace.

 In the 1980s, the PLA’s navy sent an expeditionout to Laoye Temple to see what they could find. They came back empty handed. Unsatisfied with this outcome, Captain Shendahai, chose to make one final dive. He did not return.


 1) Reports state that his body was found the following day in Chang a Shan Lake, which is 15 km away from and apparently not connected to the waters he dove into. One clear day on Aug. 3, 1985, a total of13 ships vanished without a trace in a single day. 

 2) Profound  disorientation, and chronicmental illness, even stark raving insanity. Boats have continued to go missing at LakePoyang even up into the present day.

3) In 2001 a large cargo ship carrying sand wassuddenly swamped by a sudden large wave in otherwise calm conditions and sank withouta trace.

 4) One particularly strange recent case comesfrom March of 2010, in which a huge, 1,000 ton vessel suddenly sank on a clear, calmday near shore for no discernible reason. Its wreckage was never located. Many of the local fishermen claim that the weather could change abruptly without any sign, storm could hit anytime and the wavecould become very fiercely anytime. 

5) Tharefore  the fishermen would burn incense or hold ceremonies in order to pray to the god to protect them before they proceed tothe water.

6) Once upon a timeOn 1363, the navy of the Ming, under Zhu Yuanzhang, the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644),met the Han navy, commanded by Chen Youliang, at the Poyang Lake.

Yuan Dynasty

 This battle was one of the final battles foughtin the fall of China’s Mongol-led Yuan Dynasty and by some definition, the largest navalbattle in history.

 According to some of the locals, at a timeof the war, Zhu was losing the battle and retreated to the lake shore. There were no boats or any other means to cross the lake, but a giant turtle appeared and helped Zhu across the lake. After Zhu won the battle and became the emperor,Zhu designated the turtle as a general and build a temple near the lake in memory ofthe turtle.

 Locals believe that the turtle’s spiritis what has been causing the abnormal phenomenon to the lake. Theories there have been numerous theories on what is going on at Poyang Lake, ranging from thesensible to the absurd.

What experts Say about Bermuda Triangle?

 Few experts ran a series of infrared photographictest to the lake, and the outcome is, they found out that there is a cliff of sand with an altitude of about 6600 ft, across from east to west under the waters of the temple Laoye and they believe this is what leads to the creation of swirling water below the Lake.

 The Whirlpool is very possible and strongenough to sink ships and a number of boats. However, this theory still cannot explainwhy the wrecks of those sunken ships were ever found. 

Others have blamed spontaneous inter-dimensionalportals, strange vortexes, Earthbound black holes, unexplained magnetic anomalies, freaklightni get strikes, supernatural forces, or of course alien abduction. Many of the more fringe theories on the disappearancesof Poyang Lake point to its location upon the 30 degree north latitude.

 This is significant because there are manyancient places of importance that are also located here, such as the Pyramids of Egypt,the world’s highest mountain Mount Everest (27° 59′ N) This mystery as to what really is going onin the lake still remains to be demystified. 

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