How Washing machine Works? Everything About Washing Machine

How Washing machine Works?

How Washing machine Works?

  Hi companions this is samsung top burden completely clothes washer. presently I am clarifying about this top burden clothes washer determinations and highlights. 

Capacity of Washing Machine

 Furthermore, I will tell you likewise the best way to utilize this top burden clothes washer. This is 6.2 kgs completely programmed clothes washer.

 So if we once start washing machine we do not need to change any thing in middle off the washing Here are also fully automatic washing machines.

 This is 7 kgs top washing machine, and this is 6.5 kgs top load washing machine.

Features Of Washing Machine

 These are also comes with same key pad and same washing features. But these are can more load than this top load washing machine.

Working Of Washing Machine

 If we open the door this is this washing machine washing drum and here it has washing powder try. 

We can also remove it from washing machine, and we can clean with water, after that we can insert again.

 Some latest washing machines comes with this wheel type of washing powder try. and washing drum has a dirt filter. If any dirt or linen come from the cloths, it will come at this filter.

Construction of Washing Machine

 We can remove it from washing drum and clean with water. If clean will complete we can insert again. some washing machines comes with active wash basin door down side. 

We have to little more money for this type of washing machines. If your cloths have any dirty dark arias, we can wash with hands in this wash basin and we can add before starts washing machine.

 If we go at back side of the washing machine Waste water go through this pipe. So we can set to this pipe wash room water is coming this pipe to washing machine from water tap.

 So we have set to this water tap this water pipe connected here back side of the washing machine if we open this cap, here inside it has a small water filter.

How Clothes are Washed in washing machine

How Washing machine Works?

We can clean the filter when we clean washing machine Here inside water filter we can clean with running water. And after that we can insert again.

 This connector comes with washing machine for this pipe connecting. it has 4 screws are here, we have to fix it  tight with water tap.

 If connector is tight, if we rotate it will loose. we have to little loose for fix to tap, than we can fix it and if we rotate after fix the connector' it will tight with water tap. water is leaking from here.

 So we can tight with tap after fix the connector Ok its done. If you want to remove water pipe from this connector We have to pull straightly with pipe and should not move left and right  in removing time like here.

 Other wise its loose with tap and water will leak from the tap other wise some water taps are especially designed for washing machines. if we use this type of water taps we do not need any connector for this water pipe connecting We can connect this pipe directly to water tap If you have any doubts you can comment in bellow comment section.

Washing Machine Buttons

How to add Child lock in Washing Machine?

 Washing machine operating buttons are here provided. Here this is power button and this is start and pause button. this is completely fully automatic washing machine. If we once start washing machine here it has three cycles. 

wash rinse and spin. If these three cycles will complete, wash will complete. It will do wash and dry it self. If we start once washing machine.

 We don't need to change any thing in middle of the washing. Here these are different type of washing options fuzzy, Quick, soak, blankets, jeens, and delicates.  

we can choose any one before starts washing machine. And here also displaying these options washing time Here fuzzy is we use for all type of garments. If we choose this option, here displayed 41 min.

How Much Time Takes in Washing Machine to Wash clothes?

 it means wash will complete in 41 min. And here it has a water level option, we can also choose here water level in washing drum This is quick option if we choose this option here displayed washing time 29 min only. If your cloths have less dirty, you can choose this option.

 This is soak option, if you want soak your cloths some time wer can choose it. If we choose this option here displayed washing time 71 min. Other wise if you want to soak cloths with other any washing options.

 We can choose here fuzzy or other any one And we have to pause washing machine after cycle started 5 min or 10min. and keep it in 45 min or 1 hour And then play again. If washing machine will pause in 45 min or 1 hour, cloths will soak and clean very well.

Jeans Clothes In Washing Machine

 Jeans button is here. If you want to wash jeens type of cloths you can choose it and here displayed washing time 49 min. Here blankets button is we can use for blankets. Here displayed 68 min.

Eco Tub Clean

 Here this button has two features. delicates and Eco Tub Clean. First one Delicates we can use for delicate cloths. And here displayed washing time 35 min. And if you  want to clean your washing machine washing drum We have to choose here Eco Tub Clean option.

 If we press 3 sec,Here it will change delicates to Eco tub clean. And here changed 35 mis to 93min Here indicates with small red Led light. this is cleaning symbol And here displayed cleaning time 93 min.

 Here we can increase or decrease water level in washing drum. And this option is if you want to more wash we can increase this option. Here these are wash rinse and spin options we can also choose separately these three cycles wash rinse and spin. 

If you want to wash only, we can choose here wash option If we want to rinse only we can choose here. If we press 3 sec,  it will on here. And here indicates only rinse cycle. If you want to spin only, we can choose here spin option.

 If we press 3 sec it will indicate only spin cycle. Child lock also provided here If we press 3 sec these rinse and spin optinos Child lock will on here. Here indicates with lock symbol.

How to add Child lock in Washing Machine? 

How to add Child lock in Washing Machine?

 This is child lock symbol, if we press 3 sec again child lock will unlock Here child lock symbol has unlocked. We can add detergent powder starts before washing machine If you have any doubts you can comments in bellow comment section.

 Lets we go for start washing machine. Now i have choose fuzzy option. washing time is displaying here. Now we can start washing machine Ok first wash cycle has started here Here if these 3 cycles will complete wash will complete. Washing machine has started. So water is coming now. 

Washing Machine Door

If drum will fill with water first wash cycle will start in washing drum If open in door wash will not start in washing machine. So i am closing the door. If you forgot any cloths you can add After starts the washing machine But better to add in starting stage.  

If washing machine door is in open or not properly closed washing machine indicates with dc error. If you want to soak your cloths you can choose soak option. Other wise if you want to soak cloths with here other any options. we can pause washing machine after started cycle in washing drum. If cycle starts in washing drum.

 we can pause washing machine after 5 min or 10 min. And keep it in pause 45 min or 1 hour. And then play again If washing machine will pause in 45 min or 1 hour, cloths will soak and clean very well.

Cycles in working of Washing Machine

     After some time first wash cycle completed. And here started second rinse cycle And here displayed remaining time 20 min. Then after 15 min 2nd rinse cycle completed. And last spin cycle has started. And here displayed remaining time 6 min. If this cycle will completed wash will complete. And washing machine will indicates with music. 

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