Paid adda Static GK Ebook Download

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What all Topics will be covered in Adda Static GK eBook?

1. Wildlife Sanctuary
2. National Parks
3. Power plants in India
4. Dams in India
5. Cabinet Ministry
6. Cities on River
7. Solar Power Plant
8. Governor of States
9. Organisations (National and International)
10. Banks Headquarter (Indian and Foreign Banks in India)
11. Full Form of Banking Terms
12. Government Scheme
13. Capital
14. Currency
15. Festival in India
16. Dance in India
17. CM’s of India
18. Awards 
19. Summits
20. Economic and Budget terms
21. First in India
22. Military Exercises
23. Largest/ Smallest India and World
24. Stadiums (National / International)
25. Airports (National / International)
26. Ports in India

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