Hello Friends ,here is an interesting product by MI "MI Night Light 2" MI recently launched it as crowdfunding project in Smart 2020 event Crowdfunding projects are like the company sets a goal which in this case was 5000 units If that goal is achieved within a stipulated time company manufacturers that product & ships to all the backers.

MI Night lights

 In this MI Night lights case, it was a grand success with a whopping 279%. So the company shipped this product to all the backers at around 25th October.   So now I have this product so let us see what MI has to offer in this Night Light.


  MI Night Light 2's retail box

 This is MI Night Light 2's retail box. As you can see, some primary features of this are Human motion detection, two brightness level settings, & a magnetic mount These are its core features.

Core Features of MI NIGHT LIGHT 2

 If we check out the label, inbox contents are 1 unit of light & 1 user manual   Power is 0.34 watts & MRP is 699. Under the crowdfunding project, it was available for Rs 500 So now let's check out what's inside the box   As you can see, inside the box we have there's the main module of the light.

How To Remove MI Logi

     This is the main module This is the base Let's remove the label Here we have the MI logo at the center     Furthermore, we have a manual inside with detailed instructions for setup, range, mounting details, specifications.


 Everything is mentioned in this manual. Now we will see the product in detail Lets check the design and then we'll further explore it in detail. 

This is the magnetic mount. This curved area is magnetic with a strong magnet inside I will tell about the usage of magnet in a while. Back side is having adhesive layer. This is one time usage adhesive, so be careful with the location.

 Then remove the layer and apply it on the finalized location. Because removing it and reinstalling will require another adhesive tape to be applied. 


MI logo houses

  This is the main module with dome shaped back. Front and back is plastic. This zone is translucent and houses LEDs inside. The central zone with MI logo houses motion and light sensor inside.

MI Motion Sensors

 Motion sensor detects motion in front of it and activates the light Range in the front is approx 4-5 m and on right/left its 2.5 m Degree coverage is 120 degrees. 

Metal Used in MI NIGHT LIGHT 2

  Now lets open the back   It houses metal dome inside This metal dome plate works along with the magnetic base and attached to it. This way you are able to swivel it in any desired way with almsot 360 degree coverage depending on how you mount the base.  

 This way you can have it facing upwards else you can have it facing downwards Still many arrangements are possible. 

Module of MI NIGHT LIGHT 2

  Lets keep it down and talk about main unit which houses electronics. The main module which has LED's, circuitry, battery compartment, switch, etc We have already seen the front where center has all the sensors.

Battery Details of MI NIGHT LIGHT 2

 Back side has battery compartment with a switch on the bottom zone This switch allows you to have two brightness options Left side with low brightness and right side with high brightness,   Low has 3 lux while right has 25 lux brightness which is more than enough for the night time   Lets install batteries first to check it. You can install any battery but preferably Duracell batteries will last longer.  


 Lets install these. Mind the polarity here. Now we will check out the working of this night light See, as soon as batteries are installed it light up.

     It requires 3 AA size batteries which has its own advantages and disadvantages. About advantages, suppose night light batteries are discharged then in case of built in rechargeable batteries.

 you have to wait for it to charge but with AA batteries, its just a swap task and your night light is ready to light.   Also you don't have to worry about decreasing capacity of Li-ion batteries

    But about disadvantages, disposal of these batteries is an issue. Because everytime its discharged and new ones installed, old ones need to eb disposed off.   Also, as you open the box, you need to arrange AA batteries  beforehand.   

Which Batteries Used in MI NIGHT LIGHT 2?

    Though if we talk about backup with 3 duracell batteries you can get 4-6 months backup because this light after activation switches off automatically after 15 sec if no motion is detected.  

   Since we get good battery backup here, we don't have to worry much about used AA battery disposal. In a year probably you will beed to do it twice or thrice. 

How MI NIGHT LIGHT 2 Works When Lights Are off?

     Lets see the demo now. How it works in the night time with lights off. With lights off, as soon as i come in its front zone, it will lights up automatically.  

   Now lights are off! As soon as i come in front, this light up. As you can see light is quite bright in high brightness mode.  

   Now if we switch it, you can easily see the difference in the brightness levels.     But even low brightness works great whrere there is dark.

Temperature of Mi Night Light 2

   With 2800K temperature, its warm and isn't harsh on eyes.   It is a nice advantage of this night light. Lets close the dome and switch on the lights. Lets make it face other side so you can see it switching off automatically. As in front I am moving continuously.  

Whare to use MI Night Light 2

 Now you will see after sometime it will switch off automatically.   Talking about its uses, It assists in the dark by lighting up the pathway, stairs, etc.   Searching for switches etc in the dark will be an easy task with this light as it activates automatically.

     It can also be used in drawers, so as you open the drawer its lit. You may also use it in closets, almirah, etc Now as you can see, light has switched off automatically.

 Now even if there is motion in its front, it wont switch on. Light sensor is in work here. Room already has sufficient light so it wont let it turn on.  

 Lets see it working again in the dark.   Let switch lights back on. So basically, you can see how useful this night light is.   Becuase this project was successful, in few days probably, this will be available in general.

   Till then we need to wait. I purchased only 1 moduel and waiting for its launch to get a few more. So friends, thats all for now Keep smiling & learning new things. Namaste! 

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